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Two Illinois police officers are now being hailed heroes after they saved a 19-month-old girl who reportedly stopped breathing.

The little girl was in the car with her grandmother on Thursday when she began choking.

Her grandma pulled over to the side of the road, took her out of her car seat, and called 911.

Dashcam video from the police cruiser then shows Schaumburg Officers Bryan Poradzisz and Kevin O’Connor racing from their squad car to help.

“Officer Poradzisz arrived moments later and found the girl unresponsive, not breathing and with blue lips,” Fox 32 reported.

“He administered the Heimlich maneuver, followed by CPR. Officer O’Connor arrived moments later and performed a finger sweep of the infant’s mouth.

Almost immediately, the infant began breathing on her own and regained consciousness. The officers comforted the girl until paramedics arrived and took over.”

Thankfully, the little girl is now said to be doing okay.

Read more, via Fox 32.

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