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“Even Hillary supporters aren’t that excited for Hillary.”

That’s the message from a new video coming out of Florida, where people who lined up to see the Democratic front-runner speak at a rally seemed generally unenthused by a staffer’s attempt to get them fired up.

As a woman clambered onto the bleachers of a Rollins College gymnasium and started clapping her hands in a prepared chant, few seemed interested to follow her lead.

Most attendees continued to stand around with their arms folded as the staffer chanted, “I believe that she will win!”

The Outnumbered panel reacted to the awkward scene this afternoon.

“I have never seen such unmotivated people,” said Peter Johnson Jr. “They don’t look happy to be there. Were they paid to be there? … Those were not motivated Hillary Clinton voters.”

Clinton, however, went on to win big in the Sunshine State last night, securing nearly 1.1 million votes in a 31-point victory over Bernie Sanders.

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