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On tonight's "Kelly File," Ted Cruz criticized network executives, which he called "the suits in the suites," for letting Donald Trump dominate the airwaves in this presidential election.

"Donald Trump practically goes to the bathroom and it gets carried live on network television," the Texas senator said. "Every speech he gives...he does a press conference that's like watching the shopping channel, he's up there selling steaks and steak knives and wine. The media desperately wants him to be the nominee, and as a result, they don't cover anything about his record."

Cruz slammed the news networks for not reporting on alleged shady business practices by the billionaire, including that he employed illegal aliens for construction projects and has had ties to the mob.

"The media is doing everything they can to cover up his background," Cruz said.

Cruz said that the news networks will wait until the last three months leading up to the general election to report on the things he mentioned.

"That's how they give the presidency to Hillary Clinton and it's why so many Republicans are uniting behind our campaign."

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