President Obama Announces Merrick Garland as SCOTUS Nominee

Judge Nap: Garland Is Most Conservative Nominee by a Dem in the Modern Era

Judge Merrick Garland will not be getting a hearing for the Supreme Court nomination, said Mitch McConnell.

President Obama announced his nomination of the federal appeals court judge today.

“This nominee is not going to be considered,” the Senate Majority Leader said on Special Report.

“We’re following the ‘Biden Rule,’” explained McConnell.

“When [Vice President] Joe Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee back in 1992, he pointed out that no Supreme Court vacancy created during a presidential election year should be filled, because the American people earned the process of speaking, that elections are going on all over the country.”

Bret Baier pointed out that the vice president tweeted out the following today.

“Look to history,” McConnell responded. “We haven’t filled a vacancy created during a presidential election year in 80 years.”

What "the American people should understand,” he added, is “if the shoe was on the other foot - if this was a Republican president submitting a nominee to a Democratic Senate in the middle of a presidential election year - there are no circumstances under which the nominee would be confirmed.”

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