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Charles Krauthammer reflected on the Super Tuesday 2 results, saying that the race on the Democratic side is effectively over. 

After Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders handily in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, Krauthammer said it's "inconceivable" that Clinton can lose in the delegate race. 

"It's either an act of God or an act of the FBI head that would take it away from her," he said, adding that Sanders' campaign will leave a "legacy" and effect the future of the party.

The FBI investigation into Clinton's private email server as secretary of state is ongoing. Some have speculated that the FBI could recommend her indictment. 

On the Republican side, Krauthammer said the results solidified the standing of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz as the eventual nominee. He said it's "inconceivable" that it will be anyone else. 

Megyn Kelly asked what will happen if Trump does not reach the magic number of 1,237 delegates, noting that he needs about 60% of the remaining votes to get there.

She pointed out that the math remains "far worse" for Cruz. 

Krauthammer said if Trump is within 100 delegates of 1,237, he will get the nomination.

"It's like a three-foot putt. You give it to him, you don't ask about it," he said. 

If Trump is in front, but still more than 100 delegates away from the majority, Krauthammer said that will open the door for Cruz at the convention. 

He said that Cruz could take on John Kasich or Marco Rubio as his runningmate, and potentially add their delegates to his total to gain a majority.

"That's not stealing the nomination. That's going by the rules. You need a majority," he explained.

Watch Krauthammer's full analysis above.

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