Fox News Projects Donald Trump Winner of SC GOP Primary

Anti-Trump Attack Ad Features Women Reading His Sexist Comments

With two out of three remaining Republican presidential candidates considered "non-establishment," 2016 could be considered "the year of the outsider," Herman Cain said on "Fox and Friends" this morning.

"The people are speaking across this country, and that's the good news," Cain said. "And the establishment Republicans are rejecting what the people are saying, and that's what I find pathetic and destructive to the party."

He said that Donald Trump has embodied what the American people want: a leader, a fighter and a winner.

Cain explained that the GOP has claimed for years that they want a "bigger tent," which is exactly what Trump has done.

"Now what do these good ol' boys want to do? They want to make the tent smaller again," Cain said. "But the people are speaking. And they're saying, 'We aren't going away.'"

"And I think that's good for the party and it's also good for the people."

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