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A man in California received kudos from a police department and social media for stopping to comfort as it lay dying from a hit-and-run.

The Solano County Sheriff's Office said that a Good Samaritan identified as Eric witnessed the dog get struck by the car, which continued on its way without stopping.

"A deputy found Eric lying on the ground, in the rain comforting the injured dog," the Solano County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook.

Eric stayed by the dog's side until Animal Control came and took it to an emergency pet clinic, where it passed away.

"We would like to thank Eric for not looking the other way and driving by," the post said. "He went above and beyond to help this injured dog."

The post received a huge response, with many Facebook users praising Eric's kind deed.

"Thank you Eric for taking care of the injured dog," Angie Collins wrote. "You have proven to go above and beyond. We need more people like you in society."

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