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French police have arrested four suspects for planning a possible terror attack in Paris, the French interior minister has confirmed to Fox News.

The arrests were made in and around Paris early this morning.

The suspects are said to have ties with radical Islam.

One was apparently well-known in terrorist circles – and has even been convicted of trying to travel to Syria to wage jihad, senior foreign affairs correspondent Greg Palkot reported from London.

Word of the suspected terror plot comes just four months after an ISIS-backed massacre left 130 people dead in the French capital.

The arrests also come just one day after another terror raid in Brussels, which left four policemen injured and an Algerian suspect dead.

Police who raided an apartment found an ISIS flag, a radical Islam “manual,” a Kalashnikov rifle, and other ammunition, said Palkot.

Two other suspects who were inside the apartment managed to flee the scene.

Both cities are still on high alert while they remain on the run.

Watch more above, and stay tuned to Fox News Channel for updates on this developing story.

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