Cruz: 'Every Republican Has a Clear Choice' Between Trump and Me

'Ohio, I Love Ya': John Kasich Gives Victory Speech After Defeating Trump

Carly Fiorina said on "Fox and Friends" this morning that John Kasich has no path to the Republican presidential nomination and it's time for the GOP to unite behind Ted Cruz to oppose Donald Trump.

"As Ted Cruz said last night, there are only two candidates who have a path to the nomination," Fiorina said, adding that it's particularly important to nominate a true conservative since there's a vacancy on the Supreme Court that must be filled.

Fiorina acknowledged that Trump is doing very well in the 2016 race, but she pointed out that he's getting much of his support in open primaries, meaning that Republicans, Democrats and independents can vote for him.

She said that when it's closed primaries, Cruz has won, which is a much better predictor of how he would fare in a general election against Hillary Clinton.

"I have said from the very moment almost that Donald Trump announced his candidacy, he doesn't represent me and he doesn't represent my party," Fiorina said. "And there are a whole lot of Republicans - in fact, 65 to 75 percent of Republicans - [who] say they're not going to vote for Donald Trump."

"I hope other Republican Party voters would unify behind Ted Cruz and I hope the establishment will unify behind Ted Cruz, because John Kasich cannot win."

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