PHOTOS: Puppy Smiles While Being Rescued From Burning Apartment

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A pitbull that was left for dead after being brutally abused now has a new home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Rescue workers vividly remember when two-year-old Ashton was found on the side of a road.

According to the Arizona Humane Society, “Ashton was exhausted, dehydrated and had suffered severe trauma, which resulted in the loss of both of his eyes.”

Veterinarians at the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital worked to help him heal and readjust to life as a blind dog.

“We do a lot of luring with food in the beginning and teaching him to find food on the ground to use his nose,” said dog training specialist Mik Moller, according to Fox 25.

But Ashton soon became a favorite at the shelter, adding new tricks to his repertoire and getting daily belly rubs.

Weeks later, a local family stepped in to adopt him.

“He's very spunky and loves his toys,” Bretta Nelson of the Arizona Humane Society told PEOPLE magazine. “He smiles all the time!”

Read more about Ashton's story, here.

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