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Women need 20 about minutes more sleep in a night than men do, according to a study out of England's Loughborough University.

"Women’s brains are wired differently ... so their sleep need will be slightly greater," Professor Jim Horne, with the university's Clinical Sleep Research Unit, said. "Women tend to multi-task, they do lots at once and are flexible, and so they use more of their actual brain than men do."

Dr. David Samadi explained on "Fox and Friends" that the study suggests women's and men's brains have completely different wiring.

He likened the female brain, which does more multi-tasking, to a computer with more windows open.

The extra sleep is necessary to "clear everything," Dr. Samadi said, adding that a lack of sleep is detrimental to both sexes, but particularly women.

He said that not getting enough sleep can have dangerous side effects, such as heart disease, depression, obesity and psychological problems.

"You want to make sure you get your seven hours of sleep [a night], and that's really important," Dr. Samadi advised.

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