Fox News Projects John Kasich Winner of Ohio GOP Primary

Marco Rubio Suspends Campaign After Losing in Florida GOP Primary

Sean Hannity joined America’s Election Headquarters to discuss the state of the GOP race this Super Tuesday II.

The Hannity host weighed in on every candidate, saying “there was only one candidate that competed in all five states tonight, and that was Donald Trump.”

Trump, at this hour, has gained wins in North Carolina, Illinois and Florida. He was defeated by John Kasich in the closely watched Republican primary of Ohio.

But the Ohio governor “doesn’t have a mathematical chance to get the nomination,” said Hannity.

“John Kasich has won one race out of 29 states. That is not the path to the nomination.”

Hannity said that “the person that has really been competing, on any level, is Ted Cruz,” adding that much of the political analysis so far has been dominated by split views on both Trump and Cruz.

“The big story that has come out of the campaign so far, Bret, is the establishment has lost, and they have been beaten badly,” he told Bret Baier.

“And rather than being introspective, they’re thinking of ways to anger people even more, instead of realizing they caused a lot of what’s going on here.”

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