Trump Beats Rubio in Florida GOP Primary, Fox News Projects

Fox News Projects Hillary Clinton Winner of FL Democratic Primary

Marco Rubio suspended his presidential campaign in Florida tonight.

He spoke after losing his home state to Donald Trump in tonight’s GOP presidential primary, congratulating the New York billionaire on his victory while discussing the difference in their messages.

“While it is not God’s plan that I be president in 2016, or maybe ever, and while today, my campaign is suspended, the fact that I’ve even come this far is evidence of how special America truly is,” he said.

The “easiest” way to win in this election year would have been to tap into “the politics of resentment,” said the Florida senator.

“But I chose a different route and I’m proud of that.”

“I endeavored over the last 11 months to bridge this divide within our party and within our country, because I know that after eight years of Barack Obama, this nation needs a vibrant and growing conservative movement, and it needs a strong Republican Party,” Rubio continued.

“While this may not have been the year for a hopeful and optimistic message for our future, I still remain hopeful and optimistic about America.”

Watch Rubio’s speech above, and click here for complete coverage of Super Tuesday II.

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