After casting his vote in Westerville, Ohio, Gov. John Kasich said that he will soon be taking on Donald Trump over some of his "deeply disturbing" statements. 

Kasich mentioned the chaos that unfolded at Trump's canceled rally Friday night in Chicago and Trump's comments since the protests. 

"Reading these quotes, it's taken me to a whole other level," he said. 

A reporter then pressed him on why he is not coming out and saying anything right now, since Ohio voters are heading to the polls in the crucial GOP primary. 

"When I feel like I want to say something, I'll say it. I don't operate on someone else's timeline or someone else's schedule," said Kasich. 

He said he is not shifting to a negative campaign, but feels that he needs to talk about his "deep concerns" over how Trump has run his campaign. 

Kasich also mentioned a new anti-Trump attack ad that was released yesterday by a PAC that was created to stop Trump. 

The ad shows women reading some of Trump's past inflammatory statements toward women. 

Katrina Pierson, national spokesperson for the Trump campaign, responded on America's Newsroom, saying that Kasich's comments "fall right in line with the establishment."

Watch the comments above and the Trump campaign's reaction below.