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When discussing foreign policy at an MSNBC town hall event last night, Hillary Clinton said that "we didn't lose a single person" in Libya.

"Libya was a different kind of calculation and we didn't lose a single person," Clinton stated. "We didn’t have a problem in supporting our European and Arab allies in working with NATO."

The former secretary of state did not mention the four Americans who were killed in the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi: Ambassador Chris Stevens, State Department diplomat Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on "Varney & Co." today to react, saying that "she wants to rewrite history."

He explained that one of the reasons Clinton set up a private email server in the first place was so that she could control the historical record.

"Libya is honestly her beast in the night," Judge Napolitano said. "She instigated and pressed the use of American and NATO military in Libya, in order to destroy the Qaddafi government."

He said that Clinton doesn't want to take any responsibility for the four American lives lost in the Benghazi attack or her role in destabilizing the country.

"She doesn't want to confront this," Judge Napolitano said. "I'm disappointed that she was not confronted by the questioner. 'What do you mean? What about Chris Stevens? What do you mean you didn't lose any lives?'"

He concluded with a "teaser" from the investigation into her private server: One of the top secret emails that was found on the server was Stevens' travel itinerary in Libya two days before he was murdered.

"I wonder who got their hands on that..."

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