Fox News Projects Donald Trump Winner of SC GOP Primary

Anti-Trump Attack Ad Features Women Reading His Sexist Comments

Fox News projects that Donald Trump will easily beat home state Senator Marco Rubio in Florida’s Republican presidential primary.

This is a potentially campaign-ending blow to Rubio.

"I'm not so sure that Rubio did anything wrong," Bill O'Reilly said in reaction.

"It's that he just couldn't overcome the perception that many Republican voters have that you need somebody from the outside, number one, to punish the Republican establishment, but more importantly, to take it to Hillary Clinton."

The Factor host said he thinks "the turning point in this race for Trump was when he attacked both Hillary and Bill Clinton a few months ago," over "sexist" remarks.

"I think a lot of people saw that, and said, 'You know what? This guy can punish, as well as win.' And in this angry age, voters want a punishment, as well as a victory."

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