Is Trump Responsible for Violence at His Campaign Rallies? Judge Nap Weighs In

It's Super Tuesday II! Don't Miss the Best Election Coverage in the Business

As voters in Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina take to the polls for Super Tuesday II, could part of Donald Trump's path to victory be his appeal across party lines?

On "Fox and Friends" this morning, Gayla Baer-Taylor, a lifelong Democrat, explained why she's supporting Trump in the 2016 election.

She said that for her, the turning point was the murder of Kate Steinle - who was shot in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant - and the Obama administration's refusal to acknowledge her death.

She explained that Trump's strong stance on illegal immigration and his opposition to sanctuary cities really resonated with her.

Baer-Taylor added that Trump's economic policies are very appealing, because she's seen so many American workers devastated by companies moving factories and jobs abroad

"This party is no longer my party," Baer-Taylor said of the Democratic Party. "It's a party of enabling. They enable people to stay weak and poor and full of excuses. And it's just not my grandpa's Democrats."

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