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Ninety-three-year-old Joyce Beckett recently lost her husband John of 70 years.

Seeing the widow in mourning, a staff member at her retirement home last week decided to send Joyce a sweet surprise.

Chris Rayatt-Howard was browsing Pinterest when he was struck with inspiration, he told local media.

He asked Joyce’s son for an old shirt of his father’s - then using the checkered button-down to fashion a “memory cushion” for Joyce.

He placed a photo of her late husband in the pocket, and stitched in a message that read: “This is a shirt I used to wear - whenever you hold it, know I am there.”

Sweet photos of Rayatt-Howard presenting his gift to Joyce were shared online as the widow was said to be “overcome with emotion.”

“The reaction from people has been quite overwhelming to the point that we are getting requests to make cushions,” Claire Fry, a senior adviser at the home, told the Northampton Herald and Post.

“I am pleased to say the cushion is taking pride of place in Joyce's room.”

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