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On The Real Story today, Bill Hemmer gave us an easy-to-follow, four-minute primer on tonight's Super Tuesday II primaries on the GOP side.  

Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina are all on the line, with 358 delegates up for grabs.

You can see the all-night coverage on Fox News, starting at 7:00pm ET as Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly host "America's Election Headquarters."

Martha MacCallum will analyze the exit polls, while Hemmer takes you deeper inside the results in each state.

Going into the night, the race looks like this...

The biggest prize of the night is Florida, which will hand out all 99 delegates to the winner. Since Donald Trump holds a large lead in the polls there, Hemmer said most of the night will probably be focused on Ohio. 

All 66 delegates will go to the winner and recent polls have shown a tight race between Gov. John Kasich and Trump.

Hemmer said most of the votes in The Buckeye State come from three main counties that contain the cities of Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. 

He said blue-collar Mahoning County, which contains Youngstown, has also received a lot of attention from the candidates in recent days. 

Hemmer pointed out that Trump won the Michigan and Kentucky counties bordering Ohio and that Kasich is now changing his tone to go after Trump. 

"Either he's losing the state or he's about to change his entire strategy," said Hemmer.

Meantime, Trump appears to be ahead in the few polls out of Illinois, though there has been almost no polls out of Missouri. 

Neither of the two states, along with North Carolina, are winner-take-all states. 

Missouri is seen as the likeliest win for Ted Cruz, since Rick Santorum won it four years ago with 55% of votes. Cruz already won the neighboring states of Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. 

In North Carolina, polls have given Trump the lead. Hemmer noted that all of North Carolina's border states were won by Trump. 

Watch his full analysis above and stay with Fox News Channel all day and through the night as the returns come in!

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