Watters Finds Out How Much Bernie Sanders Supporters ACTUALLY Know About Him

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For months, Jesse Watters has been hitting big conferences, city streets and college campuses all over the country to get everyone’s take on politics.

With as many as five key states voting tomorrow in Super Tuesday II, The O’Reilly Factor decided to catch up on some of the funniest insights shared by American voters, on everything from ISIS to President Obama to Bernie Sanders.

Watch the hilarious "Best of Watters' World" segment above, and be sure to keep up with Jesse's latest updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Q: Why do you like Bernie?

A: He seems to have a lot of integrity. More so than Sen. Clinton.

Q: That’s not saying much.

Q: Know what the Tea Party is?

A: Uh, British?

Q: If liberals are so creative, why can’t Obama create jobs?

A: That may be the best question you’ve asked all day.

Q: What should we do about ISIS?

A: Maybe meditate.

Catch the full highlight reel, above.

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