WATCH: Trump Faces Questions Over Approval Ratings for Trump University

Better Business Bureau: Trump U. Has No Rating, Had D-Minus in 2010

Donald Trump has taken issue with the assertion that his defunct school, Trump University, received a D-minus rating from the Better Business Bureau in 2010.

Tonight, The Kelly File showed why the GOP front-runner is off-base.

Trump has said that Trump University had an A-rating, not a D-rating – and at the last GOP debate, he gave Fox News a document that does in fact bear an A grade.

But after further inquiry, Fox News has learned that that grade is for a different entity called Trump Entrepreneur Initiative (TEI), explained Megyn Kelly.

That's what Trump University changed its name to in 2010, when it was under siege.

That business, TEI, only operational for a few months, received an A.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Trump University had a D-minus rating before it went out of business in 2010.

Trump University no longer exists, and its successor, TEI, was effectively closed within weeks of opening.

“We stand by our reporting, which has been verified by multiple news organizations, as well as the Better Business Bureau,” said Kelly.

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