Judge Jeanine to Trump Protesters: 'The Silent Majority Will Not Be Silenced'

'Be Careful, Bernie': Trump Warns Sanders to Stop 'Lying' About Protesters

Hillary Clinton thinks Donald Trump is responsible for violence at his campaign rallies, saying at a town hall event Sunday night that the Republican presidential front-runner incites that violence with his fiery rhetoric.

On "Varney & Co." today, Judge Andrew Napolitano said it depends on whether Trump is actually inciting protesters at his events or if those protesters attend with the sole purpose of shutting him down.

Judge Napolitano explained that the First Amendment tolerates some disruption, interference and antagonism, so protesters are allowed to attend campaign events and express their opinions.

He added that a crowd, however, should not be allowed to silence a speaker, known as a "heckler's veto."

He explained that the speaker has the right to speak, the audience has the right to listen and people who hold a contrary view have the right to express it.

Judge Napolitano said that Clinton has a point when it comes to Trump talking about punching people and offering to pay the legal bills of audience members who oppose protesters.

"Is that carte blanche for his people to retaliate physically against the protesters?"

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