Is Trump Responsible for Violence at His Campaign Rallies? Judge Nap Weighs In

It's Super Tuesday II! Don't Miss the Best Election Coverage in the Business

Donald Trump called in to speak On The Record on the eve of Super Tuesday II, moments before joining his campaign rally in Vienna, Ohio.

Greta asked the Republican front-runner about his thoughts on tomorrow’s turnout in Florida, as polls there have shown a strong lead for Trump over Sen. Marco Rubio.

In the event that you beat the senator tomorrow, would you expect to have a phone call from him saying that he’ll support you? she asked.

“I would think so. He’s a nice guy,” said Trump.

“Florida’s been very strong for me” for “many, many different factors,” he added, including his creation of “thousands of jobs in the state of Florida alone.”

“They know I’m going to bring jobs back, they know I’m very strong on immigration. He’s not,” said Trump.

“Marco’s been very, very weak on immigration. He’s very much into the whole amnesty thing, which for Florida is absolutely no good.”

Rubio later responded to the same poll On The Record, saying "those polls are not accurate" and that his team feels "very good" about the state's early vote.

"I am focused 100 percent on doing what I can do over the next 24 hours to make sure that I get these 99 delegates in Florida," he said. "It would be a huge boost to our campaign, of course, moving forward."

Watch more in the clips above and below.


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