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A Washington state parole board not only denied a convicted murderer's request for early release, they added more than two decades to his sentence.

Timothy Pauley, 57, went before the Department of Corrections’ Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board to try to convince them that his behavior behind bars over the past 35 years should earn him an early release from prison, The Seattle Times reported.

Instead, the board decided Pauley's original sentence is too lax by today’s standards, so he must serve more than two additional decades.

In 1980, Pauley killed three people with an accomplice at a tavern near Seatac, Washington. He was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder

"Mr. Pauley’s role in the murders was egregious," the board said in a statement. "He had the gun and was responsible for shooting the male victims to death despite the fact that they were already tied up in the cooler and posed no threat to Mr. Pauley or his co-defendant."

Following the review board’s decision, Pauley will not be eligible to seek parole until 2031.

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