Krauthammer: Trump's Opponents May Have 'Run Out of Bullets'

Only Thing That Stops Hillary Now Is 'The FBI Primary', Says Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer weighed in tonight on the recent violence seen at Donald Trump rallies, saying that the shutdown of the GOP front-runner’s Chicago event is nothing new to this country.

“It isn’t something only happening in presidential politics. This happens on campus all the time,” said Krauthammer, adding that speakers are often banned from talking on college campuses for similar reasons.

“The left acts in a totalitarian way to control who speaks,” said the syndicated columnist. “That’s a phenomenon, it should be condemned.”

Krauthammer also reacted to a video clip of a man who was seen punching a demonstrator. That man later made death threats to the protester on-camera.

“That’s lynch talk,” said Krauthammer.

“And when asked about it, Trump said, ‘I don’t condone it.’ That’s great. But he refused to condemn it. And that, I think is really unconscionable.”

Watch more of the Special Report panel, above.

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