'Kelly File' EXCLUSIVE: Reporter Accuses Trump Campaign Manager of Assault

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The fallout is continuing after former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields accused Donald Trump’s campaign manager of assault, saying Corey Lewandowski grabbed her so hard that it left bruises.

Fields spoke out on The Kelly File last week, after the Trump campaign denied her claims in what she called “a character assassination.”

But new footage which just emerged seems to raise more questions than it answers.

Several video clips from different angles of the incident show Lewandowski walking past Fields, and Fields abruptly pulled out of view, reported Trace Gallagher.

Both parties say the footage backs up their respective accounts.

Meanwhile, this audio recording purportedly shows Fields talking with a Washington Post reporter after the incident.



At first, Breitbart supported Fields’ claims, but now it backs Lewandowski, saying that text messages prove he didn’t do it, reported Trace Gallagher.

Fields resigned, as did the publication's editor-at-large Ben Shapiro - and two more employees.

Fields and Shapiro both spoke out on The Kelly File in an exclusive interview tonight.

“I realized that my company didn’t have my back,” said Fields. “I can’t stand with a company that won’t stand for me.”

She explained that initially, all she had wanted was an apology, and that Lewandowski had even “admitted to it” in a conversation with her editor.

“I stayed quiet, I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it,” she said.

But when the apology never came, Fields said she realized “my company knew the truth, and they’re siding with Donald Trump.”

Shapiro explained his decision to step down, too. “I resigned because the fact is, Breitbart has unfortunately become a Trump Pravda site," he said.

“I’m disgusted by the fact that my mentor Andrew Breitbart started this organization to fight bullies, and in my opinion, this organization has turned into an organization that actually promotes bullies.”

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