O'Reilly: Trump Will Face 'Full-Fledged Media Assault' If He Wins Nomination

Judge Jeanine to Trump Protesters: 'The Silent Majority Will Not Be Silenced'

In his Talking Points Memo this evening, Bill O’Reilly weighed in on the hordes of liberal protesters who managed to shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago last Friday.

It was, of course, “one of the biggest political stories in years,” said O’Reilly.

But “if you were monitoring the national media coverage of the fracas, you did not get the entire story.”

O’Reilly laid out what really happened in the course of events leading up to Trump’s rally.

“All throughout the week, far-left people ramped up a campaign to deny Donald Trump the forum,” said the Factor host.

He cited a letter sent by about 180 faculty and staff members at the University of Illinois-Chicago, which prior to the rally had already expressed concern “from a liberal point of view.”

The left-wing group MoveOn.org was also circulating a petition for people who opposed Trump’s event, he added.

“Thus, on Friday, it was no surprise that disruptive protesters entered the university pavilion to shut Trump down, and confront his supporters.”

For that, “far-left agitators” are to blame, said O’Reilly.

“Opposition to Donald Trump is not the issue here. True fascism is.”

Watch the full Talking Points Memo, above.

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