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John Kasich says he is refusing to stoop to the level of some of his opponents.

“I am not going to take the low road to the highest office in land,” the GOP presidential candidate told Chris Wallace. “Being positive may be the best way to run a campaign.”

Kasich said that unlike his political rival Donald Trump, “I go into my events and I try and give them hope.”

The Ohio governor sounded off on the disturbing violence that has broken out at Trump rallies in the past few days, including one yesterday in the Buckeye State.

He said that the New York billionaire “has created a toxic environment,” where “he goes and puts one group against another.”

“He is not going to be president,” said Kasich, vowing to win the upcoming contest in his home state.

“He is not going to get to be the president of the United States.”

Watch Kasich’s full interview on Fox News Sunday, above.

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