'18 Is a Good Number': See Peyton Manning's Tearful Retirement Speech

Adorable Little Boy's Dinner Is 'Too Cute to Eat'

A 4-year-old superfan broke down in tears after hearing that his favorite football player was retiring.

The tears came for her son Cy after learning that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning wouldn’t be returning to the field, said Denver mom Dusty Harrington.

She shared her son’s adorable reaction online, as the little boy slumps forward in tears and even slides out of his car seat.

“Why is he retiring?” Cy asks.

“Because – he won the Super Bowl and he’s old enough to retire,” his mom answers.

 “How old is he?” he asks. “I really loved him.”

Harrington asks her son who his favorite player is now.

“Nobody now," he replies sadly. “Nobody’s my favorite.”

Watch the endearing video above and read more, here.

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