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Donald Trump went after Ohio Gov. John Kasich following an endorsement from Dr. Ben Carson this morning in Florida. 

Trump was asked whether he's preparing for the possibility of a contested GOP convention this summer. 

"Whoever has the most delegates at the end of this trip should win," said Trump, adding that he believes he will win Ohio. 

He said the state is losing a "tremendous number of jobs" and that Kasich has been an "absentee governor." 

"He lived in New Hampshire. Chris Christie said absolutely John Kasich was there much more than him," said Trump. 

Trump said Kasich guaranteed he would win Michigan, but instead lost in a "landslide" earlier this week. 

He criticized Kasich for supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

"That will be the destruction of Ohio," said Trump, claiming that the state "got lucky because they struck oil" but oil prices have now fallen.

Earlier this week, a Fox News poll showed Kasich with a five-point lead on Trump in Ohio, though other polls have found Trump to be leading in a close race.

Trump and Gov. Kasich will join Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday at 2:00 and 6:00pm ET.

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