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Update, 2:50 pm ET, March 13: Splenda has responded to the researchers behind the study, saying that "poorly conducted and unscientific studies make bold headlines and stir up safety fears."

"Researchers have conducted more than 100 scientific studies on the safety of sucralose over the past 20 years," they said in a statement on their Facebook page.

"They’ve all declared sucralose safe to enjoy."


Original story: Experts want you to consider this the next time you sprinkle Splenda in your coffee.

The artificial sweetener may have harmful effects linked to leukemia, according to a recent study conducted in Italy.

The problem is said to lie in sucralose – found by chemically combining sugar and chlorine.

According to Fox 13, men who were fed large amounts of the sucralose inside Splenda were found to have “significant dose-related increased incidence” of bearing malignant tumors, as well as “of hematopoietic neoplasias.”

Worryingly, “researchers pointed out similar studies conducted on behalf of Splenda's manufacturer did not show the same carcinogenic effect.”

Previous data had suggested that sucralose was not harmful, though the FDA limits the acceptable daily intake for children to 5 mg/kg.

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