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Bill O'Reilly said in his Talking Points Memo that if Donald Trump secures the GOP nomination, he will face a "full-fledged assault" by the national media. 

O'Reilly noted that former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein recently said that the media is "aggressively investigating" Trump and that there will be "some revelations" forthcoming.

"That comes as no surprise to us. We predicted the media would launch a full-fledged assault against Mr. Trump once he secures the nomination."

On the current state of the race, O'Reilly said that if Trump can win Florida and Ohio on Tuesday, he will become the nominee. 

"Should that happen, Mr. Trump's rise would be the most stunning political event ever in this country," he said.

He said Ted Cruz is "still in the game" and will become "very competitive" if Florida and Ohio do not go for Trump. But O'Reilly said that Cruz's "crossover appeal remains to be seen."

O'Reilly said Marco Rubio, just 44, has a big political future but will not win the nomination even if he triumphs in Florida. 

Similarly, O'Reilly said John Kasich cannot win the nomination even if he's victorious in his home state of Ohio on Tuesday. 

"I know John Kasich. He's a fine man. He would make an excellent president, but in this turbulent era his calm demeanor has actually held him back," said O'Reilly, adding that Kasich could be chosen as the VP nominee.

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