Luntz Focus Group Thought This Rubio Moment Was the Best of the Night

Rubio on Islam: 'I'm Interested in Being Correct, Not Politically Correct'

Marco Rubio said on "Fox and Friends" that he was pleased with last night's Republican debate, particularly the emphasis on substantive policy issues as opposed personal attacks.

He said that it's difficult to please everyone, however.

"There’s no winning here, right?" Rubio said. "If you have a debate where everyone is going after each other, then people say they don’t like it. If you have a debate where we're debating issues, you have people saying it’s too boring."

He said the bottom line is that this is not a sport or entertainment, it's a presidential race.

"Debates are not about entertaining people. They're about informing people," Rubio said. "We are talking about the presidency of the United States of America."

"That's what you hope to see out of a debate, and I hope that's what people saw last night."

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