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A mayor of an Indonesian city is raising eyebrows after he suggested a correlation between nutrition and sexuality.

"To create Indonesian children that are healthy smart and competitive, the most important thing is to provide them adequate nutrition from the beginning, especially breastfeeding," said Arief Wismansyah, the mayor of Tangerang, at a pregnancy seminar, according to Indonesian news site Okezone.

Wismansyah said that the current trend of many working parents is to feed their children canned and instant foods. He said that the fulfillment of nutritional needs in the first 1,000 days of a child's life is very important and that if the proper intake is not met, the impact on the child's development will be permanent.

"So, it's really no wonder there are more LGBT," he then reportedly said.

At the seminar, Wismansyah also reportedly spoke against the naturalness of homosexuality, saying "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Asep."

The controversial comments come shortly after Indonesia's defense minister said the LGBT was more dangerous than nuclear warfare, and minister of research and technology urged LGBT students to be banned from universities.

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