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Frank Luntz gathered a focus group of Florida Republican voters to react to last night's GOP debate and each candidate's strongest moment.

The participants were in near-unanimous agreement that Ted Cruz's best moment of the night was when he explained how he plans to change Washington.

"Hillary Clinton says she’ll cut waste, fraud and abuse. If only we had smarter people in Washington, that would fix the problem. You know what? That is the statement of a liberal who doesn’t understand government is the problem," Cruz said. "Here's my philosophy: the less government, the more freedom. The fewer bureaucrats, the more prosperity.There are bureaucrats in Washington right now who are killing jobs. I'll tell you, I know who they are. I will find them. And I will fire them.

Members of the focus group overwhelmingly liked that Cruz promised to hold the government accountable and break up "the Washington cartel."

As for Donald Trump's best moment of the debate, the focus group responded most positively to the GOP front-runner's promise to bring jobs back to America is China doesn't play by the rules.

"What will happen if they don't behave, we will put on a tax of some amount, and it could be a large amount, and we will start building those factories and those plants. Instead of in China, we'll build them here. And people will buy products from here, rather than buying it through China where we're being ripped off. And we have a $505 billion trade deficit right now," Trump said. "So we'll build our factories here and we'll make our own products. And that's the way it should be done."

Participants agreed that Trump's background in business gives him an understanding of what American companies need to do to compete in a global economy.

They also noted how Trump gave specifics and appeared more "presidential" than he had in past debates.

Watch the clip above and see Luntz discuss the big takeaways from last night's focus group on "Fox and Friends" below.

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