Clinton at Dem Debate: Benghazi Victim's Mom Is 'Absolutely Wrong'

Judge Nap: Email Probe 'Won't Go Away No Matter Hillary's Hopes or Wishes'

At last night's Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton said that the mother of a Benghazi victim is "absolutely wrong" to claim she lied after the 2012 terror attack.

Pat Smith, whose son Sean was among the four Americans killed, has repeatedly accused the then-secretary of state of telling her that the attack stemmed from an anti-Islam video, something Clinton has denied.

Smith joined Trish Regan on “The Intelligence Report” today and stood by her claim that Clinton indeed blamed the attack on a video, calling the Democratic presidential front-runner "a proven liar."

She said that all she wants is for Clinton to personally tell her what happened in Benghazi and why her son had to die, insisting that she's not politically motivated.

"I think that as a mother I deserve to know," Smith said. "All I want to know is why my son is dead."

She said that she doesn't believe Clinton "has the guts" to reach out to her and answer her questions, even though they're both women and mothers and Clinton has often mentioned how much she supports women.

"As Madeleine Albright said, 'there's a special place in hell' for people like her," Smith said. "And I hope she enjoys it there."

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