'Nobody Knows the System Better Than Me': Trump on How He Can Be Trusted

Cruz Says Trump Has It 'Backwards' on Making Supporters Pledge at Rallies

In a special post-debate "Kelly File," Charles Krauthammer said Donald Trump's opponents missed an opportunity to "slow down the Trump train."

"If you were Cruz, Rubio or Kasich, I think it was an opportunity missed," Krauthammer said. "I don't think it's going to be a turning point...in this campaign."

Krauthammer said the debate gave the impression that those candidates had "run out of bullets."

He said that Cruz was the candidate who engaged the most.

"I think he knows for him it's sort of one on one right now, and he tried to best Trump."

Meanwhile, Trump's strategy was to be "laidback," "presidential," and "sort of stay in cruise mode (no pun intended)."

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