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Sky News has obtained a cache of documents reportedly leaked by an ISIS defector, including applications filled out by those seeking to join the terror group. 

Greg Palkot reported on America's Newsroom that these entry questionnaires were among 22,000 documents turned over in one thumb drive.

Jihadists from 51 nations, including 12 Americans, filled out the registration forms, Palkot reported. 

The names included a Minnesota man, 33-year-old Douglas McCain, who joined ISIS in Syria and died fighting for the terrorist army in 2014. 

On his form, McCain gave his name, nationality, address, phone number, previous employment, and marital status. 

He listed himself as being married with one child.

McCain was also asked how he got to Syria and who referred to him to ISIS.

Palkot said German intelligence and sources contacted by Sky News have vouched for the authenticity of the documents.

Palkot said there has been no response from the Pentagon or Justice Department on the discovery.

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