'She Lies!': Mom of Benghazi Victim Blasts Hillary for Not Telling the Truth

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Hillary Clinton said at a Democratic debate Wednesday night that the mother of a Benghazi victim is "absolutely wrong" to claim she lied after the Sept. 11, 2012 attack. 

Pat Smith, whose son was among the four Americans killed, has repeatedly accused the then-secretary of state of lying about the attack. 

Smith has said that Clinton and other administration officials maintained that the violence stemmed from a response to an anti-Islam video. 

Clinton vehemently denied that on the debate stage. 

"You know, look, I feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave Americans that we lost at Benghazi. And I certainly can’t even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son. But she’s wrong. She’s absolutely wrong," said Clinton. 

She added that she and everyone else in the administration was "scrambling" to get information about what happened and that it was changing "by the hour."

Smith and others have pointed to an email from Clinton to her daughter, Chelsea, on the night of the attack in which she wrote that an "al-Qaeda like group" carried out the assault.

Clinton said that a terror group had taken credit before she sent that email, but then rescinded the claim 16-18 hours later. 

"The video did play a role. We have captured one of the lead terrorists and he admits that it was both a terrorist attack and that it was influenced by the video," she said. 

The audience broke out into boos when moderator Jorge Ramos began to even mention Benghazi. Clinton added that she testified "for 11 hours" before the House Benghazi Committee last fall.

"Anybody who watched that and listened to it knows that I answered every question that I was asked and when it was over the Republicans had to admit that they didn't learn anything," said Clinton.

Watch the clip above.

UPDATE: Pat Smith responded to Clinton in an interview on FBN, calling Clinton a "proven liar."

"As Madeleine Albright said, 'there's a special place in hell' for people like her," Smith said. "And I hope she enjoys it there."

See the interview, here.

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