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Mother of Benghazi Victim: 'Special Place in Hell for People Like Hillary'

Greg Gutfeld called out Hillary Clinton for contradicting families of Benghazi victims who claimed she told them they were killed over an anti-Islam video.

Hillary Clinton said at last night's Democratic debate that Pat Smith, the mother of a Benghazi victim is "absolutely wrong" to claim she lied after the Sept. 11, 2012 attack.

During his monologue on "The Five," Gutfeld asked why Hillary "would lie and impugn the character of these families."

"The answer is, she's Hillary."

Gutfeld said that history is repeating itself.

"It was nearly four years ago, Clinton and pals lied about that video to cover their butts and win an election. And now she lies again about that video to cover her butt and win an election. It's déjà vu, but only if you gave a damn."

Watch the monologue above.

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