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Can Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in November? 

Trump has insisted he will and that the polls are on his side. Clinton, on the other hand, has said she would "look forward" to running against Trump. 

"I'm building a broad, diverse coalition across our country. ... I think Donald Trump's bigotry, his bullying, his bluster are not gonna wear well on the American people," she said at a recent debate. 

In a hypothetical matchup, an ABC News/Washington Post poll gave Clinton a 50-41% lead, while an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey showed Clinton ahead by 13 points. 

Syndicated radio host Lars Larson, who endorsed Trump at CPAC last week, downplayed the significance of these polls. 

He pointed out that in March 1980, Ronald Reagan was trailing President Jimmy Carter by 25 points, but went on to win easily. 

"I think all of the predictions of Donald Trump's demise in this race have been wrong for the last six-seven months. I think they're wrong now as well. I think he's going to win handily in November," said Larson. 

Fox News contributor Leslie Marshall, a Democrat, argued that Trump and his supporters always "like" the polls where he leads, but criticize the ones where he trails. 

"I think he'll be your nominee and I am happy about that. Donald Trump is a uniter, a uniter of Democrats who are going to come out full-force to vote for Hillary Clinton," said Marshall, predicting that the poll numbers will get even better for Mrs. Clinton in the coming months. 

Watch the debate above and let us know what you think! 

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