Wife got a little perturbed that I wouldn't accompany her on the ride.

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A woman's angry scowl in the middle of the so-called Happiest Place on Earth is exploding on social media. 

At first glance, you might think that the woman just hates Splash Mountain. 

But actually, as CNY Central reported, she was just really annoyed that her husband refused to go on her favorite Disney ride with her. 

When the in-ride camera snapped the commemorative photo, there was Jordan Alexander looking like the most unhappy person on Earth. 

Her husband posted it on Imgur, explaining, "Wife got a little perturbed that I wouldn't accompany her on the ride." The picture has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Then the Syracuse resident became the driving force behind some wonderful Photoshops...

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Alexander called the resulting memes "hilarious." The mom said her scowl came after a "long day" in which she was sick and dealing with a crying baby. 

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