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On a special "Kelly File," Megyn went face-to-face with Ted Cruz about his critical next steps to the nomination.

At one point during the conversation, the Texas senator addressed complaints from Marco Rubio's campaign about the Cruz camp using "dirty tricks" in Hawaii as the state held its Republican caucuses.

The complained-about email was sent by “Ted Cruz Hawaii” and cited a disputed CNN report claiming that some Rubio advisers told the Florida senator to drop out before the state's primary next week.

“Senator Cruz is up to his dirty tricks again spreading false rumors and lies. We won't allow him to do to Marco Rubio in Florida what he did to Ben Carson in Iowa," Rubio spokesman Joe Pounder said in a statement.

Cruz said in tonight's face-to-face that the Rubio camp's claim shows that they are "flailing," then dismissed the alleged dirty tricks.

"The nature of politics is that when a campaign is flailing, they attack, and they attack other candidates and they attack their integrity," he said.

"This particular email apparently came from a volunteer in Hawaii, not affiliated with the campaign, not working for the campaign, not under authorization for the campaign. We have over 200,000 volunteers across the country. I cannot control, nor do I want to control what 200,000 volunteers do."

Watch the clip above.

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