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A Seattle Seahawks player is crediting first responders for saving his life during a game last season. 

Wide receiver Ricardo Lockette suffered a serious neck injury in a Nov. 1 game against the Cowboys.

Lockette was covering a punt when he took a hard hit to the head and neck area from Dallas safety Jeff Heath. 

Speaking to firefighters and paramedics in Redmond, Wash., on Monday, Lockette said that a doctor later explained the injury could have been fatal. 

Here's what Lockette told them, according to KING 5 News.

He said if I would have stood up then, the weight of my head – left, right, front, back – I would have died. If one of my teammates would have came over and pulled my arm just barely I would have died. Or if the returner, at the time, would have broke a couple tackles and then would have fell on me, I would have died on that field. 

But what saved my life is the trainers and the work that you guys do. The trainers came over, and they did it perfectly, perfectly by the book. The way that they held my neck, all the training is what saved my life because if they would have went too far to the left or moved me without stabilizing this or that, then I would have been dead. So, I thank God that I’m here. I thank you guys for the work that you do. And if there’s anything that I can do to help you save another life or whatever it takes. Me, my teammates, my family or your workers. I appreciate the opportunity and hopefully I can help you guys.

Lockette underwent surgery after the game and remains in a neck brace. It's unclear if he'll be able to play football again, according to the report.

Lockette, 29, went to Fort Valley State and was undrafted in 2011. He was the intended receiver on the memorable Super Bowl XLIX play in which Russell Wilson was intercepted by New England's Malcolm Butler.

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