Krauthammer: Only Thing That Stops Hillary Now Is 'The FBI Primary'

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Sen. Marco Rubio failed to win any delegates on Tuesday night, leading Ed Rollins to declare the Florida senator's campaign effectively "over."

The campaign manager for Ronald Reagan in 1984 noted that Rubio has lost ground in recent weeks after increasing his attacks on Donald Trump. 

Rubio has said he will win his home state of Florida next week, which would add 99 delegates to his total, and move back into contention. 

Rollins called Rubio a "great talent" and "very smart" but said that Rubio is at the "bottom of the pack everywhere" now that Ben Carson is out of the race. 

He said Rubio probably will not defeat Trump in Florida, but even if he does, "there's no place for him to go" after that. 

"There's no support. Look at these numbers. ... He's absolutely failed now as a candidate. I think it's over for him," he said.

Watch above as Rollins and Joe Trippi assess Tuesday's results and Trump's long victory speech. 

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