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U.S. forces now have custody of the head of ISIS’ chemical weapons unit in Iraq, officials say.

It’s great news, counterterrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka said on Varney & Co.

“But what are we going to do now? It’s a catch-22.”

Thanks to policy changes, American forces are now only allowed to use the “original methods of interrogation” employed prior to 9/11, he explained.

“We have an administration that is against so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’” said Gorka. “I think the Obama administration has painted themselves in a corner.”

He explained that even with individuals with “immense intelligence value … you can use some psychological pressure, but you can’t use something like waterboarding.”

News of this capture comes just as reports also indicate that ISIS is planning a major attack on the U.K., Gorka noted.

The threat has “gone beyond speculation,” he said. “The United Kingdom has now gone on severe level of threat alert.”

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