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Megyn Kelly pressed DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL) on whether the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server is affecting her candidacy. 

Wasserman Schultz had just accused Republicans of being "pretty vulgar" during their nominating process.

Kelly responded that Republicans would argue that despite the vulgarity, "no one's facing the threat of indictment." 

Wasserman Schultz argued that Mrs. Clinton is not facing the threat of indictment, either.

"There's an open DOJ and FBI investigation into Mrs. Clinton right now," Kelly pointed out. 

"Right. Let's not be melodramatic," said Wasserman Schultz. 

"How is that melodramatic? Those are the facts," Kelly countered. 

Wasserman Schultz reacted by blasting Donald Trump for being a "whirling dervish of extremism" and alienating people. 

Kelly said that may all be true, but Democratic voters in exit polls remain skeptical of Mrs. Clinton's honesty. 

The congresswoman said that "at the end of the day," Clinton or Bernie Sanders will defeat any of the GOP candidates. 

On the previous night, Clinton was grilled by Bret Baier on the email scandal at a Fox News town hall event.

She repeated again that she never sent or received any emails on her private server that were "marked classified."

Watch the clip above, and tune in tonight, starting at 7:00pm ET, as Megyn, Greta and Sean bring you full hours with all four candidates.

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