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Fox News’ very own Geraldo Rivera has just been named one of the newest contestants of “Dancing With The Stars!”

To get some practice, Geraldo and Cedric the Entertainer kicked off a hilarious dance-off this morning.


Geraldo and his dance partner, DWTS veteran Edyta Sliwinska, joined Fox and Friends this morning to sound off on his Season 22 debut.

“It’s out of my comfort zone,” Geraldo said.

“I’d rather walk through a mine field – I’d feel more confident – than doing a salsa, a rumba, a cha-cha, a tango, a foxtrot, a waltz. Can you imagine me doing a waltz?”


Sliwinska, who has been on the show for 10 years, said she knows Geraldo likes to win.

“We will do our best to make you guys proud,” she said. “We do have to remember that it’s a dance competition. It’s not a national election!”

Watch more in the clips above and below.


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