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In an exclusive hour-long special tonight on Hannity, Donald Trump vowed to bring jobs back to the country.

"We're going to stop being the country that gets pushed around," he said, in front of a packed audience in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The GOP front-runner weighed in on the disturbing trend of major companies that are leaving the country to set up camp elsewhere.

“A lot of them are moving to Mexico. Don’t underestimate it. It’s like the new China, on a smaller level,” said Trump.

“It’s not gonna happen with me, Sean,” he added. “We are gonna bring our jobs back into this country for the first time.”

Trump said there needs to be a major rethinking when it comes to reviving the economy.

“We had no growth in the last two quarters. Essentially no growth. It’s unheard of,” he said.

“If China gets down to 7 percent, it’s like they’re going to have a national catastrophe. We have nothing. We have nothing left. We’ve been stripped.”

Trump said that if the economy increases its growth to 4-5%, "we can pay for everything, we can have plenty of money left over for infrastructure ... and also create jobs."

The New York billionaire also went on to name several key points in his plan for government spending, saying that he would not move to cut entitlements and that he would place special focus on building the military.

Watch the clip above and more about Trump's stance on jobs and the economy below.

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