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Just in time for Easter, one of the biggest rabbits you'll ever see has found a home. 

The Scottish SPCA announced on its Facebook page that offers to adopt Atlas, who is the size of a dog, came in from all over the world. 

"We're delighted to share the news that he has been rehomed by bunny lover Jen Hislop from Ayrshire," the organization announced. 

Hislop, 43, said she burst into tears when she received the good news, describing her bunnies as "family members."

"Atlas is an absolute hoot and doesn’t stop running around unless he’s crashed out on his massive beanbag," she said.

If you're wondering about the world's largest rabbit, it was reported last year to be Darius, who is more than four feet long and lives in the UK.

Check out updates on Atlas, here.

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